Subject Layer Manager
From Ma Xiaoming <>
Date Sat, 28 Apr 2007 20:36:58 +0800
Newsgroups graphics32.general
Attachment(s) GR32_LayerManager_20070420.rar

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

   The Graphics32 library is an excellent and awesome library for supporting
layer operations. I am very grateful to the original author of this
library -- Mr. Alex Denisov, and the Graphics32 Team. Due to their
generosity and hard work, we have the opportunity to write Image
Manipulation applications that based layer operations. And have the
opportunity to check out the source code of this library to understand the

   Now We have such wonderful library, and we need a good tool to manage the
layers. So my brother and I developed a small program for layer management.
In the fact, it is also the part of our program. Now we want to share it
with all of you. Hope it will be useful to you.

   This program is trying to mimic the style of Photoshop's layer manager,
but just part of it. It is not perfect, especially the response of layer
panel click is not good, sometimes it will not responds the user click
action. I don't know what the reason is. If you can modify it better, please
let me know. I will deeply appreciate it.

   I am not good at component development, If you can make it to be a
component, please share it with us.

   The program including the following features:

* Create transparent layers and corresponding layer panels
* Change the order of layers
* Add mask to layers

   Hope you will enjoy it.

   Best regards.